I’ve decided to close my website for many reasons. 1. Everyday life is busy enough that I’m not finding the time to post online. And I am not able to keep up. 2. Cost. I need to start cutting costs and thought fuel prices are going down, everything else is going up. It’s not that I won’t be online but
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New year coming

I hope this new yera to find a balance between online and offline. Towards the end if 2014, i struggled to find my balance so i need to decide. My space and data will expire eventually so i need to make dcisions. Read my facebook for more. Kelly Deering   Thanks.   Posted with Blogsy

Where have I been?

Not on my own site. I go through ups and downs and I really did after the summer. What have been up to since summer? Both kids are back in school. One in Grade 8 and the other Grade 11. These are the milestone years. My daughter is getting ready for high school and it's the year to decide whether
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Labour Day Weekend – To Do List Update

Well we accomplished a lot this weekend and helped we didn't go out other than groceries and some odds and ends.   Went and dropped off 2 large donation bags. Groceries totalled close to $250 excluding the $70 we spent at M&M. Washed and cleaned out th fridge. Green bin is full. Ebay work short of done. Waiting to do
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Summer Update and Fall Cleaning/Sorting/Purging and To Do List

My site was pretty much hiatus most of the summer due to the fact we were never around. It's been a long summer and we've kept very busy since my daughter played competitive lacrosse this year. Weekdays filled with practices and games. We went to Whitby for provincials and we came in second. Back to real life, I've spent that
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Next Coming Weeks…

So in a plan to help our 13 year old ADHD daughter, we discussed supplements with someone who’s family lives by them instead of using medication for many things. When my children were younger they used to take multiple types of supplements along with their ADHD medication. But as they got older, meds seems like the thing that helped so
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Summer Hiatus

Unfortunately the summer seems to be always a hard time to blog. My kids are 13 and 16 and my only days off I spend running around and going out. My blog is not of the 10,000+ monthly visitors either so I drop down to 0 visitors easily but it's a risk I take when I have hiatus. My goal
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Testing blogsy

Testing blogsy app..hoping this will make posting during the summer easier. Posted with Blogsy


There’s something about blogging in the summer…

that slows me down. This is the second summer where my blogging is very slow. Why is that? My vegetable garden takes a lot of my free time. We are in and out all summer. The kids are off so when I’m home than I’m usually with them. We take a few trips during the summer. I try my best
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Fresh in the Garden

Photo heavy post. Fresh in the garden this morning. Apparently the 55 mm of rain we received did wonders.

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