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There’s something about blogging in the summer…

that slows me down. This is the second summer where my blogging is very slow.


Why is that?

  1. My vegetable garden takes a lot of my free time.
  2. We are in and out all summer.
  3. The kids are off so when I’m home than I’m usually with them.
  4. We take a few trips during the summer.

I try my best but usually when September hits than I’m back to my regular routines.

What we’ve been up to?

  1. My daughter got a free pass into Goodlife Fitness this summer and we bought her a swimming pass since she’s 13 and we live near an outdoor pool.
  2. Sold the trailer since we are so busy with Lacrosse for my daughter.
  3. Hubby has been buying and reselling bikes. So I’m trying my hand at Ebay but no bites so far. I have a friend who’s good at it so I’m hoping her wise wisdom will help.
  4. Working a lot more during the summer.
  5. Lacrosse, lacrosse and more lacrosse.

I still love my site but the summer for me is always very busy. I’ll TRY to post the garden photos I took this weekend after cleaning up the weeds.

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  1. ~Carla~ says:

    Sounds like you’re crazy busy! :) I hope you’re enjoying your summer though! I sent you a msg.. i’m feeling neglected. :P

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